Another week – Another theme?

In my evolution to keep my website growing, I recently got so caught up in the look of my website that I forgot one basic thing – Not all themes allow the menu to be across the top.

For the past week, I realized that people were visiting my Home page, which I am thankful for.  However, they weren’t visiting my other pages – not even my Blogs page.  The analytics proved that.

Then I realized why – My last theme choice forced readers to click on a button in order to see my site’s menu listings.  They weren’t out in the open.

Now, I realize, some of you may be thinking, “The menu button was right there.  Go click it.”  But, I realized not everyone would look in the corner for that button.  They just saw what was right in front of them.

That’s why I changed it again.

I wanted to make sure that everything was out in the open.  Using this theme allows me to do that.  People can now see my Home, Blogs, Journalistic Clips and Resume pages along the top of the site.


By using this theme, I can now display everything I want people to see right away.  They no longer have to guess what’s there.

Life shouldn’t be a guessing game.

I’ve always tried to be an open book and not hide anything.  Now, I no longer have to.

Have a great day!

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