Sign that says Gun Violence Equals Public Health Issue surrounded by flowers

Gun Violence vs. Politics

Gun violence is a prevalent and divisive issue. While school shootings persist, 2020 candidates are doing something about it. Continue reading Gun Violence vs. Politics

New clips are up … and coming

Hello everyone.  I am glad to say that new clips have been added to the Journalistic Clips page.  They are just a sample of the work I’ve done while interning at Greenwood, SC’s Index-Journal newspaper.  Many more clips will be coming after my practicum (or long internship) is completed on Wednesday, May 6. Please have a look at the clips.  Just click any story, and you’ll be able to see the image and read it. Continue reading New clips are up … and coming

Hiatus well needed

I know I haven’t written in a while – some may say too long.  But, it was needed and well used.  After last semester, I was physically and mentally exhausted because I didn’t know where my life was leading. Now, I’m doing a practicum (or long internship) at the Index-Journal – a daily newspaper in Greenwood, SC.  I am learning a lot, but the most important thing I’m learning is what I want to write about and what types of publications I want to write for. Clips will be coming soon on the Clips page. Stay tuned faithful followers. Continue reading Hiatus well needed

Gearing up for new beginnings

After a long two weeks of working on midterms and other assorted projects for graduate school, I’m back – and I’m far from done. I’m doing well so far, but now it’s time to look ahead to my practicum.  “What’s a practicum”, you ask?  Think about an internship, which is usually about 300 hours for the semester.  Now blow it up in size.  The practicum involves 450 hours. Since the practicum is for grad school, it usually entails more involvement than what you’d be doing for an internship. In my case, I’ll be involved in mass communication, which involves journalism and … Continue reading Gearing up for new beginnings

Searching for a practicum

I’m excited to be coming to the end of my journey in the Masters of Mass Communication program at the University of South Carolina. To that end, I am currently looking for a practicum that will start in January. I love writing feature articles that showcase the people, places and things in local neighborhoods. I love writing about “what makes people tick.” If any of you have any ideas that might steer me in the right direction, please let me know. Continue reading Searching for a practicum