Cinnamon can be a great addition to any meal

Cinnamon is often thought to be a tasty flavor to many.  It can be found on scones, muffins and in flavored oatmeal.  It can even be added as a powder to your favorite meal.


Cinnamon oatmeal
Adding cinnamon will help boost the flavor and the health benefits | Photo by


But did you know that there are several health benefits you can gain from it? shows there is much to gain just from eating cinnamon.


Cinnamon scone
Cinnamon scones, like the one I had at Barnes & Noble, can be tasty.  Just watch the carbs. | Photo by


Whether you want to lower your cholesterol, alleviate arthritis or boost your brain power, cinnamon may be the perfect addition to your diet.

Just be careful.  Cinnamon flavored pastries may be high in carbs, which should be eaten in moderation.  But, as long as you watch how you consume it, you’ll be in good shape in no time.

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