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Clean the slate in 2019

It’s a new year, and it’s time to clean the slate. Everything that happened last year is in the past. For me, in many ways, that’s a good thing.

For me, 2018 was filled with several mistakes. But, they taught me lessons that I will keep for the rest of my life.

For starters, I realized I need to be more practical. Sure, everyone loves to spend money – but, I wasn’t doing it wisely. In fact, I had dug myself into a whole. However, with the new opportunities I have, I will be able to fix that. I promise myself to not spend so frivolously. Doing that will help me get out of the hole I dug myself into over the past several years.

The other realization is more personal. Over the years, I held on to a lot of grudges, and I now understand what that did to me. I look back in my life and realize that these grudges drove decisions that I now regret. This year will be my chance to rectify that. I’ll either let go of grudges that made me toxic or I will get rid of toxic people. Whatever made me toxic just has to go. For me, it’s just that simple.

Lastly, I plan to become more social. I realized that I allowed myself to become stuck on my screens. I was either on my laptop, checking my phone, or sleeping – and that was it. No wonder I got depressed. Talking to people on the computer is one thing. But, talking to them face-to-face brings a whole other experience that you just can’t get from a screen. It’s time I changed that.

For this coming year, I wish nothing but the best for everyone. However, I offer this advice: Take a look at your own life, and think about what’s getting in the way of your goals – but, don’t just think about it, and let it go. Act on those realizations. After all, it’s the action that will make your life better.

Happy New Year!

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