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Coronavirus and Easter: Stay inside

Easter is usually a time to gather with friends and family. However, as many church leaders said, “The tomb was empty.” Thus, according to Greenwood, South Carolina’s Index-Journal, coronavirus has church members worshipping outside of the church.

As many people know, the coronavirus is still wreaking havoc on the country and the rest of the world. Although many of us feel the strain, this writer made a video blog about the issue last week focusing on the need to stay informed and calm. Sure, that’s easier said than done these days. However, sticking with the facts – and not the conspiracy theories can help.

One fact that cannot be ignored is the growing number of cases of coronavirus (or COVID-19).  While New York’s numbers are the country’s highest, other states don’t fare much better. For example, Florida has over 18,000 cases (as of today). Digging deeper, it has over 2,800 cases in Broward County and over 6,800 in Miami-Dade.

In fact, according to NBC 6 in South Florida, Broward County is one of many that has “issued an order that said people must wear a facial covering when visiting essential businesses for services or are providing essential services during in-person interactions with the public.”

However, according to NBC 6, Florida’s Governor DeSantis, stated that he would not require churches to close during Easter Sunday. Yet, many in the state are doing so and have opted to livestream their services so that people can worship from home. While it is not the norm for Easter, many agree it is the safest option.

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