Electric City celebrates Greek heritage

Anderson, SC celebrates Greek heritage

Anderson, SC celebrated Greek culture all weekend.  The city’s Civic Center hosted the annual heritage festival, and several people attended on Saturday.  They enjoyed authentic food and music.  The best part? Of course, the Neo Kyma Hellenic Dancers of Spartanburg, SC. performed dance routines.

The food

Image of a gyro with pork, lettuce, tomatoes, tsitsiki sauce on pita bread
Delicious gyros were sold at the Greek Festival in Anderson, SC | Photo by

The food was delicious.  Customers enjoyed gyros and other assorted food.  I had my first gyro, and I’ll definitely eat more.

I also tried baklava.  It was good.  But, be prepared – It’s very sweet.  But, plenty of options were there for the taking.

The food stands

Image of food stands selling Greek food including baklava, ribs, and gyros
Several different varieties of food were available | Photo by

Several stands offered many choices, and staff answered several questions.  After all, Anderson is a quiet town, and residents don’t know much about the culture.  However, the city is growing and representing more cultures, which is great to see.

The music

Many locals often listen to “pop music”, and you can read reviews on my website.  But, a Greek festival needs authentic music, and Anderson’s festival didn’t disappoint.  Ellada performed several well-known standards including “Zorba The Greek.”  So, their show was great, and the audience listened enthusiastically.

Image of the Neo Kyma Hellenic dancers in Greek outfits
The Neo Kyma Hellenic Dancers from Spartanburg performed for an enthusiastic crowd | Photo by

The dancing

As stated before, Spartanburg’s Neo Kyma Hellenic Dance Group performed.  They wore authentic costumes and danced like professionals.  Consequently, many locals don’t know about Greek culture – including dancing.  Hence, many people enjoyed the cultural lesson.

Image of Gift Shop sign and several items for sale
Anderson’s Greek Festival offered many items depicting the heritage | Photo by

The gifts

Several vendors sold cultural items that Upstate residents don’t normally see.  Everything from assorted jewelry to soaps and books was available to onlookers for a small price.  Thus, people got to experience Greece via available items.

For more information

The Anderson Greek Festival started on Friday, and Sunday, from 11:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m., is your last chance to attend.  You can get more information from the Anderson Civic Center’s website or call 864-260-4800.  It will be worth it!

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