Exploring Georgia’s journalism jobs

Since I grew up in New York, and I lived in Florida, North Carolina and (for the past seven years) South Carolina, I’ve come to appreciate the difference in each area.

It’s not only about the size and population.  It’s also about the culture.  It really is true that the North and South are different in many ways.

However, there are also similarities.  Take Georgia for example.


Barrow County Museum
The Barrow County Museum in Georgia is full of exhibits you’ll want to see | Picture used from Wikimedia

I’ve recently discovered several openings for journalism jobs – as a reporter and editor – that make me think the area is growing.  But, one may think it doesn’t make a difference because the economy is growing across the country.


As ESPN College GameDay’s Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast, my friend!”

The state of Georgia is booming.  Not only are there more jobs available than certain other areas.  Growth is occurring in many parts of the state.

What was once a barren land is now being transformed into popular attractions one might find in a big city.

Richmond Hill Plantation, Ford Mansion
The Ford Manion on the Richmond Hill Plantation in Georgia is full of historic information and beauty | Picture used from Wikimedia

The presence of colleges and universities never hurts.  As I’ve seen in South Carolina, college students want things that they had in their hometown, and the growth of student population often leads to surrounding prosperity.

Small towns in Georgia are following suit, and I’m willing to bet that, in the next five years, we’ll be hearing about places we don’t talk about now.

(Cover photo used from Wikimedia)

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