#FightFor15 trends for getting better wages for workers

#FightFor15 importance

#FightFor15 – The hashtag that has trended on social media is based on the desire of workers around the country to increase the minimum wage for several jobs.  It started at several fast food restaurants.  But, let’s be honest. Many other workers consider the same thing because they call it a living wage.

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McDonald’s has fast food that some enjoy. But some argue that their wages need to improve – Photo by

People want a higher wage

In fact, in areas such as Boston, and several other parts of the country, people have walked off the job.  They want higher wages.  While the national minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, it is $11.00 in Massachusetts.  In the state of New York, it is $9.70, and $11.00 in New York City.  That’s how the #FightFor15 hashtag got started.

Wages vary

Now, granted, the minimum wage fluctuates when you look at different states.  So, it’s understandable to see why a resident of South Carolina (where there is no state minimum wage law) is dumbfounded by the thought of wages as high as $15 per hour.

Why increase it?

But, think about it.  It’s all relative based on the cost of living in each area.  Some people in South Carolina don’t even make $15 per hour.  So, they’re wondering why a worker wants that wage.

It’s simple.  Because of the higher cost of living in cities like Boston, New York, and others, the minimum wage is also higher.  So, $15 for them is just above their minimum wage.

Let’s be fair

Let me be clear.  I’m not saying I agree that $15 per hour is a fair wage for a fast food worker in a small town.  But, for bigger cities?  Yeah, I absolutely think it should be higher.  That’s why I agree with the people who post the #Fightfor15 hashtag.  All they want is a fair wage that allows them to pay their bills and take care of their families.

Marchers holding signs including one for 15now.org
Marchers show their disapproval of wages while speaking out about a higher minimum wage – Image used from Google Search for Images Labeled For Reuse

Not just teens anymore

To those who think that only teenagers work in fast food, you’re wrong.  These days, the average age is 29!  So, it stands to reason why people post the #FightFor15 hashtag.  They want to be heard.  After all, social media is where everyone “gathers” (virtually) to discuss all of the issues.  The hashtag is eye catching, and it has already created a lot of controversy and conversation.

It’s affordable

But, in case you think that areas can’t afford higher wages for fast food workers, you’re wrong about that too.  Just look at Chicago.  They “found that higher minimum wages boosted worker pay without leading to any discernible loss of jobs or slowing of job growth to date.”  In short, nothing horrible happened.

Measure the costs

But, it didn’t stop there.  Other cities realized the same result.  Again, it depends on your city and its cost of living.  Not everyone needs to go up to $15 per hour as a minimum wage.  But, if you measure that to the cost of living, you may understand why some think #FightFor15 is a good idea.

For more information, you can go to 15now.org.

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