Four more years — of what?

So we now know the results of the election. But, we also know something else – not a lot of young people voted.  Granted, this was not a presidential election.  But, in many states, people had the chance to vote for many important offices.  For example, people in South Carolina were able to vote for governor, secretary of state and many representatives and senators – but they didn’t.

While I can’t speak for many who didn’t vote, I do know some people who didn’t vote because they didn’t like the candidates.  As I said in my last post, I don’t think that’s a valid reason – nor should it be.  If you’re not happy with the candidates, there are always the other choices.

Going back to my governor example, many people ran for the office – not just Democrats and Republicans.  There were even races that didn’t even have Democrats or Republicans in them.

But those people wouldn’t know.  How could they?  Not only did they not vote.  They didn’t even care to do the research about ANY of the candidates.

But just watch.  In two weeks, those will be the same people that start complaining that things are going the way they like.

To them I say, “Oh well.  You had the chance to make your voice heard, and you chose to be silent.  Have fun waving the white flag.  After all, you really did let other people speak for you.”

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