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Game shows come back for 2017

CBS game shows come back in style

Today, Sept. 18, marked the season premieres of two of America’s favorite game shows.  “Let’s Make A Deal” and “The Price Is Right” both returned for a new year of fun, games and excitement – and neither show disappointed.  CBS gave all of us a preview of what to expect.  However, here’s your warning.  There are spoilers ahead!

Let’s Make A Deal

One of the game shows, hosted by Wayne Brady with Jonathan Mangum and Tiffany Coyne, opened its ninth season with Musical Director Cat Gray on the keyboard.  The show features a new set with lots of new lights.  However, the show started with an interesting new edition.  They showed one of the offered prizes – and it was the biggest of the day.  This “trio of trips” included voyages to Austrailia, Spain, and South Africa.  The total price?  Over $34,000, which was more expensive than the Big Deal of the Day.  However, CBS advertised that over $1 million in prizes will be offered this week as part of their “Premiere Week Prize-a-Palooza.”  Overall, if you like LMAD, you’ll love the new season.

Watch one of the great moments of the new season of “Let’s Make A Deal” – one of the most popular game shows| Video used from the “Let’s Make A Deal” YouTube channel

The Price Is Right

Not only did Drew Carey return as the host of “The Price Is Right” for their 46th season along with George Gray, Rachel Reynolds, Amber Lancaster, Manuela Arbelaez, Gwendolyn Osborne and James O’Halloran.  The week also marked his 10th Anniversary on the show.  Celebrities – including Stephen Colbert – congratulated him on the special occasion.  But, that wasn’t the only difference.

Bonuses galore!

There were special bonuses.  Every time a contestant won their pricing game, they also won a bonus of $10,000.  In addition, the Showcase Showdown had special rules.  Normally, when you get $1.00 (in one or a combination of two spins), you win $1,000.  Well, not today.  For Drew’s 10th Anniversary, the bonus was $10,000.  However, if on the bonus spin, you landed on $1.00, you won an additional $100,000!  Did that happen?  You’ll have to watch to see.  Drew also read a note from, and thanked, Bob Barker who sent him flowers.

Watch Drew Carey’s entrance as “The Price Is Right” – one of the most popular game shows starts Season 46 and Drew’s 10th Anniversary | Video used from “The Price Is Right” YouTube channel


As with most new seasons of any game show, comes new features.  “The Price Is Right” is no different, and the show debuted a new game called “Gridlock!”.  I won’t spoil how to play the game.  But, I will say it featured a higher-end car, and the goal is to fill in the price.  As you might expect, it’s difficult to win.  But, I do think it’s a winner.

Everything old is new again

When Wayne Brady and Drew Carey first started hosting their respective game shows, many people wondered about their abilities to host a game show.  After all, they were known as comedians.  Of course, they still are.  But, each host has made the show his own.  Wayne has added comedic routines, and dancing, to each game on LMAD – often putting a contestant in the spotlight.  While Drew often adds improv comedy to games on TPIR while laughing along with his contestants.  Both do a great job at keeping players calm while adding suspense at the appropriate time.  While some changes are noticeable compared to the classic versions, Wayne and Drew truly make “Let’s Make A Deal” and “The Price Is Right” popular game shows that will be watched for years to come.

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