George Floyd

George Floyd is only the latest victim of America’s racism

George Floyd’s death

George Floyd didn’t deserve this. By now, most of us have seen the heinous way in which he died. Indeed, there are numerous reports of the former officer putting his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck and back for more than eight minutes. The former officer has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

There were others beside George Floyd

However, he is definitely not the only victim. To be sure, there were at least two other victims this month alone:

  • Ahmaud Arbery was chased by two white men after they saw him enter an empty building. He was killed in February, but the public didn’t see the video for at least two months. The man who shot the video is now in jail along with the two men who chased him.
  • Breonna Taylor was shot in her own home after police used a battering ram and fired shots – eight of which struck her. All this because of a no-knock search warrant over drugs.

Let’s not forget Eric and Trayvon

But, let’s not forget others who passed away.

  • Eric Garner died in 2014 after New York police confronted him and put him in a chokehold.
  • Trayvon Martin – who died at the age of 17 in 2012 – was walking in his neighborhood when a man shot him because Trayvon looked suspicious in his opinion just because Trayvon was wearing a hoodie.

Historical deaths and racism

The list of black people who died in similar situations is long. In fact, it goes back to the days of slavery and beyond. Thus, the issue has been prevalent for centuries. It is nothing new.

In fact, a previous story about Martin Luther King on this blog shows the unrest that has gone on for years.

The recent deaths only add to the list of people who have died at the hands of racism in America. One could say it’s because of one reason or another. Whatever your reasons why it happened, let’s not forget the main point. It happened – and it keeps on happening.

When will it stop?

The solution for George Floyd and the future?

One could argue that we need different people in our government. However, that won’t solve the bigger picture. There have been Democrats and Republicans controlling all three branches in the government, and yet the deaths keep accumulating.

It isn’t just up to the government. It is up to us – as Americans – to stop it. George Floyd and all the other victims could still be alive if only racism was not a part of our culture. Is it going away? Probably not. But if one person does one thing to stop any of these injustices, then that’s a start.

Remember the old saying, “If you see something, say something”? It’s time to hear something other than crickets.

Update: A second autopsy, which was independently done, shows George Floyd died of asphyxiation. However, according to the article from The New York Times, two other officers “helped pin him down by applying pressure on his back.”

Editor’s Note: The featured image of George Floyd came from this article from The New York Times.

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