Greenville, SC is changing its recycling system. Bye bye, glass

According to an article written by Eric Connor in The Greenville News in Greenville, SC, the city is changing the way they recycle.  As of April, glass will not be included.

As the article reports, the technology and machines are expensive.  The city is currently looking into other options.

While I may not live in Greenville, I do live in a neighboring county – Anderson, to be exact.  So, I have often visited Greenville many times.  As a person who is interested in recycling, and keeping our area more sustainable, the article’s information left me a bit perplexed.

glass bottles
Glass containers are used for several different products – all of which can be recycled

I understand that the city of Greenville wants to look for less-expensive ways to recycle glass.  However, in this writer’s opinion, suspending glass recycling is not the answer.

According to the article, “glass has accounted for between 12 to 20 percent of the city’s recycling efforts, which overall has about a 50 percent participation rate.”  Those numbers dictate the need for recycling of glass and not a suspension.

Many people buy glass bottles for several reasons- beer, other types of alcohol and (in some cases) soda.  Not to mention the other glass containers that are used for such things as pickles and other food products.

I understand the county wants to save money, but what are residents supposed to do until a new solution is passed?  Should they go to another county such as Pickens where they still recycle glass?  How does that help Greenville?  I’m not so sure it does.

I’m glad the city is still looking for a solution.  But, they need to find one fast.  People will either hold on to their containers or just throw them in the trash, which won’t help Greenville’s sustainability.

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