Healthy eating can be easy and fairly cheap

I recently decided to start working on what I eat again.  While I’m not sure if I’ll ever be perfect, I have improved what I eat, and I am making a conscious effort to continue to improve my eating habits.

For instance, today’s lunch consisted of a roast beef sandwich on multigrain bread.  Sure, the roast beef isn’t the perfect choice, but the multigrain bread tasted great!  I topped it off with a dill pickle and a navel orange.


I’m trying to improve my eating habits.  Today’s lunch was roast beef on multigrain bread with a pickle and an orange – Picture by , MMC

For a snack, I’ve realized that proteins such as walnuts and almonds are good choices.

Yes, I’m still a chocoholic.  That’s one vice I’ve always had.  But, even with that, I’m thinking smarter.  For those that don’t know, dark chocolate has many benefits because of the flavonoids in them.  To put it briefly, the darker the chocolate the better.

I am continuously looking for ways to improve my eating habits.  So, comment on what you like eating.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Have a great day!

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