I’m seriously considering making freelance writing my business


I’m happy to write about any topic


All throughout my training for the master of mass communication at the University of South Carolina, I realized one thing – I love writing.

But, to me, it isn’t just about the writing.  During the writing process for each story, I also learn about the topic I am writing.  It simply cannot be helped.

In the past five years, I have learned so much about news, the cities of Columbia, Greenwood, Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson – and that’s just in South Carolina.

I have also learned about so many topics that affect our world today.  Sure, this is an election year, so I am keeping tabs on that issue.  However I have learned more about the environment, local book drives, music, movies, the arts as a whole, local laws and other human interests.

I have gotten a lot of great feedback on my website and my social media pages. As many know, I have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.  My connections from these sites have given me great feedback, and I have also taken notice of what topics are generating more views through analytics.

So, ladies and gentlemen.  It’s time for me to start growing my writing practice.  It is time to make it my business.

To that end, I am inviting everyone to chime in.  What topics would you like to see me write about?  I am more than happy to discuss your needs and desired topics.

Now that I have a serious following, I also know people are paying attention.  So, I want to collaborate with all of you.  Just let me know what interests you.

Got a topic you want me to write about?  Got something specific you want me to write about?  Want me to feature someone?  All are great ideas.  Just give me the details, and I’ll get going.


Some topics can be cumbersome.  But I learn about everything I write


I am proud to call myself a writer, and I invite you to let me know what interests you.

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