I’m thankful for being noticed by magazines and musicians

I recently realized that people are taking more notice of me.  As you might suspect, that feels great!

Magazines from Florida and New York have taken notice of my writing and other social media.  Musicians – both artists and groups – have also taken notice of what I have to say.

The recognition has been overwhelming at times.  Who knew that little-old-me, , would have writings that interest so many people?

This just proves to me that persistence pays off!  Even when I was in a slump, I never gave up.  I kept writing and posting on my social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and even Pinterest.  Yes, even Pinterest.  You never know where you’ll get noticed.  So, don’t be shy about talking about yourself or your interests.

Sure, it may look a little self-indulgent to talk about yourself.  I’m not saying you should be boastful or overdo it.  Certainly not.  But, the moment someone who shares your interests takes notice of you, a connection has been made.

It’s just that simple.  Just talk, write and share your pics and interests.  Someone will take notice.

So, what are you interested in…and what are you doing to share it?

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