It’s official — I’m a master of mass communications!

As many of you know, I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a master of mass communications in May 2015.  But, it didn’t seem real.  Did I really finish all my requirements?  Did I really pass all my comprehensive exams?

Sure, I had certain papers that documented success.  But, there was one thing missing.  One thing that would show undeniable proof to any naysayers.

Ladies and gentlemen, that proof arrived yesterday.

I have my diploma!

It took three months of waiting – three months of thinking, “Am I gonna get it? Did it really happen? Did I really graduate?”

Upon seeing an envelope from USC labeled “DO NOT FOLD” (in big letters, mind you), I figured, “This might be it.”

But, what if it wasn’t?  What if it was just something from the mass communication department that just provided information?

I couldn’t take it anymore!

I – carefully – ripped the pull-tab from the back of the envelop and, while opening the flap, I kept thinking, “Oh please! Let this be it!”

Ladies and gentlemen — it was it!

I’ve got my diploma!  I finally have the proof that two years of stress, determination and a LOT of effort paid off!

I knew I had the skills all along.  However, I have had trouble getting a job in my field since graduating.

Maybe people didn’t believe me.  Maybe they didn’t think I had the skills.

This diploma shows everyone — I have the skills to do this!

If you need a writer — if you need someone to assist with journalism — if you need someone to assist with marketing — just let me know.

Ladies and gentlemen, the master of mass communications has arrived — and his name is !

My master of mass communcations diploma
My master of mass communcations diploma

3 thoughts on “It’s official — I’m a master of mass communications!

  1. Congrats Jay! Getting a degree is such a great achievement; you should be proud of yourself. I hope your family is too!

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