Keep moving forward with your health and wellness- There’s no excuse!

I know I’ve been gone for a while, but there’s a good reason. I needed to focus on myself.

Back in June, I went to the doctor’s office for the first time in a long time – and I’m so glad I did.

I found out I weighed 210 pounds, and my blood pressure was 170/133.  I wish that was a typo, but it’s not.

I needed to do something FAST!

As you can imagine, I got depressed and down on myself.  But, I decided that I wanted to live.  So, I made steps to keep moving forward.

I visited a nutritionist who showed me that I needed to balance my meals.  I also started working out.

I went to the Anderson Area YMCA in Anderson, SC, and a great lady by the name of Donna Sheppard helped me.  She explained all the programs and classes that were available to me, and I really got excited.

The first program she told me about was the Fit-Start program, and that I would work with a trainer, and I got with one

Shaunice was great.  She helped me through the YMCA’s Fit-Start program.  I learned how to do cardio correctly, and she helped me find the right machines to help me work on my upper and lower body.  We also worked on stretching.

But, there’s one thing she showed me that worked VERY well for me.  She showed me the MyFitnessPal app and website.  It’s awesome because, as you eat, you type in (or search for) the foods you intake.  It then shows you all the nutritional information.  On top of that, they constantly update their information to make sure it’s correct, and any item with a green check mark means it’s verified.  You can also edit the nutritional numbers if you find a mistake.

The app/website also allows you to enter your exercise information.  If you enter cardio information, it tells you how many calories you’ve burned based on the activity and time length.  It has definitely helped me feel better.

I also lost 7.5 pounds since I started in June.  My goal is 150 pounds, but I’m not trying to rush it.  While I would like to reach the goal by next summer, I don’t want to hurt myself trying by going too fast.  After all, any step moving forward is a great step at any speed.


This is me () after losing my first 5 pounds at the Anderson Area YMCA – representing the USC Upstate Spartans, of course.  The picture was taken by my new friend Donna Sheppard.


This week, I also started doing supported yoga, on Monday,  with a lady named Christy.  To put it in a nutshell, it’s yoga with a chair.  There are many moves you can do seated while you can lean on a chair for others.  Christy said I did well.  I was honest and told her that it helped me feel very relaxed, but I forgot how much of a workout it can be.  However, I look forward to doing it more.

I’ll also be checking out the stretching class this Friday.  I’ll be sure to tell you all about it afterward.

Some of you may ask why I decided to tell my story in detail.  The reason is two-fold.  First, after thinking long and hard I wanted to be honest with everyone.  I truly believe in the power of honesty and TRUE communication. I honestly believe that if you can’t be completely honest, people will stop trusting you.

The second reason is this – Make sure you are doing everything you can to become – AND STAY – healthy.  If you truly want to live a long healthy life, you have to focus on yourself.  There is no way around it, and there are NO EXCUSES!

There are times in your life when you HAVE TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

Think of it as a gas tank.  You keep giving-and-giving-and-giving.  While everyone else will feel “fed”, you’ll become empty inside.

That’s when it’s time to refuel and reenergize yourself.

You’ve got to take the time to do it!  If you continuously wait for someone else to lift you up, you may be disappointed and feel even more empty when they don’t.

I also want to thank my Mom, Pat Michaels-Baird for reminding me of the importance of letting yourself be first sometimes.

By the way, my blood pressure is now NORMAL.  When I checked it a couple of weeks ago, it was 121/82 – and I also feel a lot less stressed-out.

Be your own best friend, and do what you need to do in order to stay healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Keep #MovingForward!

I wish you nothing but Peace and Love.

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