Kristoff St. John

Kristoff St. John’s death brings suicide to light

Kristoff St. John’s death

Soap Opera star of “The Young and the Restless” Kristoff St. John died last week. But, it was the manner in which he died that is getting people talking. According to reports, St. John died at the hands of alcohol. Indeed, he allegedly committed suicide by drinking himself to death.

Kristoff and Julian

It was also reported that St. John died after years of depression, which was exacerbated after his son’s death. Julian reportedly committed suicide while in a mental facility.

Depression and anxiety

The news just proves, once again, that depression and anxiety can hit anyone. Regardless of gender, race or what you do for a living, anyone can get depressed or anxious. As I discussed in a previous story, I also dealt with my own issues in the past. However, I realized I needed to do something about it. Whether it was eating better, getting more exercise or spending time with friends and family, I needed to get out of my funk.

It doesn’t need to lead to suicide

I consider myself fortunate. I know that there are others whose depression is so big that they succumb to it. That’s why I decided to write this story. There is help for everyone who gets depressed. You can always talk to someone. Whether it’s a friend, family member or counselor, don’t be afraid to talk things out.

If you do need to talk to someone, another resource is the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Feeling depressed for a short time is normal. However, if it lasts for more than a week, or if you really feel so depressed that you have certain thoughts, please talk to someone. Remember – there are so many positive things going on. So, as they say, “This too shall pass.”

I wish you a peaceful and positive day.

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