Maroon 5 has hurt my summer

I’ve been a fan of Maroon 5 since their first album, “Songs About Jane”, came out in 2002.  I’ve followed them, and have loved most of their music.  One of my newer favorites is “One More Night.”  Some may know it as the “Ooh ooh song,” but I digress.

When I found out that the band released “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt…” for the summer of 2015, I have to say I was upset.  I don’t remember them releasing a song with such a controversial title.  If you don’t know what I mean, just Google it, and watch the video.  There’s a reason the ellipsis is there.

It’s a decent song, in my opinion, but I don’t need to hear that certain word over-and-over again.  It’s just unnecessary.

For my money, I would’ve picked “It Was Always You” – for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s a romantic song.  Granted it isn’t as mushy as some other songs they have released.  However, it does have a romantic vibe to it.  So, romantics would like it.
  2. The first time I ever heard the song was during an NCAA football game last season.  Maroon 5 and ABC agreed to have that song open up the games.  The band was even shown singing it. My point is that it’s a well-known song.

So, I must ask – what’s the problem with “It Was Always You”?  It’s a good song that sends a good message.

Instead, the band opted for more controversy.  Why?  They’re a great band who is also popular.  In my opinion, they didn’t need to go that route.

Have a great summer!

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