Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message of peace in 2017

Today, we celebrate the memory – and the message  – of Dr. Martin Luther King.Jr.  However, in 2017, I have to wonder if we still remember that message.

In recent years, there has been so much violence – and I’m not even talking about internationally.  I’m talking about our own country.  In recent years, we have become a nation of shoot first, and talk later – if at all.  The violence needs to stop.

We need to remember to stop, step back, and truly listen to what each other is saying.  We cannot keep listening to the vitriol that has overtaken our country.

Just look at the most recent election.  Donald Trump was elected as our new president.  Now, granted, some may have wanted a change.  But, at what cost?

Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Johnson were willing to have the conversation about civil rights

Granted, if you look back at the conversation that took place between Dr. King and President Lyndon Johnson, you will understand that there was a lot of tension back then – both politically, and socially.  Nonetheless, the conversation took place regardless of the possible backlash – and there was backlash.

Fast-forward to today.

I am one of the many people that think President Barack Obama helped our country heal from the violence and bloodshed from the 2000’s.  He reminded us of the need to stay peaceful, and come together as one.  He set out to help a lot of people, regardless of the backlash he dealt with from his opponents – both in the political and private sectors.

But, with the election of Donald Trump – and his unwillingness to even communicate with the press, and other people who may ask him “too many questions” – I have to wonder one thing.

Has our ability to communicate, and listen to one another truly stopped?  Are we going back to the days during which we would rather fight than listen?  We seem to be going backward to a time when communication is ignored, and people are actually choosing conflict – which is upsetting.

As we celebrate the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr., I personally feel obligated to remind everyone of his message of peace, and of bringing everyone together.  We truly need to start communicating.

If we don’t, then what will become of the UNITED States of America?

(Pictures used from Wikimedia)

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