More fruit – less juice – is healthier – But don’t forget the chocolate

In my continuing effort to become healthier, I am not only doing cardio and lifting weights as you can see from a previous post.  I am also eating healthier.

A good friend of mine reminded me that one of the ways I can do this is to increase my fruit intake.  But, she also reminded me that fruit juices have added sugar – even the lighter version.

Go ahead and check the label…I’ll wait.


Fruit juices all have added sugar | Photo used from Wikimedia

I was reminded that – although fruits have natural sugar in them – they don’t have added sugar, which is the thing that can make it all unhealthy.

With that in mind, I’m eating a lot more fruit.  Although I have been eating bananas on a regular basis for quite some time, I also bought, strawberries, raspberries and oranges.  I’m actually excited to see what kinds of combinations I’ll come up with.

Sure, I can eat any of these separately, which is always a good idea.  However, along with the vanilla yogurt that I eat, and the two percent milk that I drink, the possibilities are endless.  For example, today, I combined the milk with five strawberries and mixed them all up in my blender.


Strawberry Smoothie
Adding strawberries to two percent milk makes a great smoothie | Photo by Jason Michaels

Voila!  Instant strawberry smoothie!  It took a little getting used to at first.  I can play around with the number of strawberries and maybe add a little yogurt.  However, it wasn’t bad.

Since I’ve had strawberry-banana yogurt, and liked it, I can combine those ingredients too.  That should be interesting.

I’ve also invested in some Pure Protein chocolate powder for some protein.  Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I went for the rich chocolate version of the powder.  Hey!  Gotta have some treats.  Right?

That reminds me – I also have a few pieces of Hershey’s special dark chocolate Kisses.  Dark chocolate is very good for anyone dealing with anxiety and depression.  So, a few pieces here and there won’t hurt your diet, and it’ll help your mood.  So, let yourself indulge.

I am continuing to explore new ways to improve my health – both in the gym with the cardio and weight lifting as well as in my nutrition by the food I eat.  Any suggestions are welcome.  So, send me some comments.  I look forward to reading them.

I do have a goal of losing a lot of weight and feeling better.  I have noticed a difference already since I started (again) three weeks ago.  My arms are getting bigger, I’m starting to lose my big fat belly, and I have more energy than I used to.

I’m definitely on a good road, and I plan to continue moving forward.  Magic Mike, eat your heart out!

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