People are still talking about the Confederate flag

It’s been over a week since the Confederate flag was taken down from the South Carolina Statehouse grounds – and people are still talking about it.

While you might say, “of course they’re still talking about it”, think about something, here.  We see many news stories every day – whether it be on Facebook or Twitter.  Most of them stop being discussed within 24 hours – especially in the age of social media.

To hear discussion about the Confederate flag more than a week later tells me that, whatever side a person is on, this issue affected many people in ways that most people may not have realized.

Sure, there are those that say it should never have come down. “Heritage, not hate,” they say.  Still, others are ecstatic that the flag came down.  But, unlike most stories – even those that speak to history – this story hasn’t gone away.  Indeed, many people, on either side, are still just as passionate as they were when the decision came.

It also created a ripple effect.  People in other states, such as Tennessee, Alabama and Florida have all made decisions about their own confederate flags.

The fact that the ripple effect has been so large – and the fact that people are still so passionate – tells me something.

Whatever side you are on, I’m sure you will agree.  History has been made – and it still has people talking.

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