Phil Jackson has left the building

It was only a matter of time.  The New York Knicks and Phil Jackson have gone their separate ways.

On Wednesday morning, numerous sources including ESPN and Ramona Shelburne reported that the partnership between the former player and ball coach with 11 rings has finally come to an end.

Why do I say finally?  Because the partnership was doomed from the start.


Kristaps Porzingis missed an exit meeting with the Knicks

Jackson’s reaction to Kristaps Porzingis not attending a recent exit meeting after the season may have been the last straw.  Jackson’s reaction to Porzingis missing the meeting was to listen to trade talks.  Sure, he was supposed to attend the meeting.  But, does him not being there really warrant a trade?  It’s like Jackson was saying, “Play by my rules 100 percent or you’re out!”  That’s just not the way it should work.  People make mistakes.  But, one of that caliber shouldn’t warrant a firing – which is essentially what listening to trade talks amounted to.



Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony has a no-trade clause with the Knicks

Of course, the bigger controversy (among many) involved Carmelo Anthony.  It’s no secret that Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony hardly got along (if at all).  But, Jackson needed to remember that Anthony had a no-trade clause.  Nonetheless, Phil Jackson said that Carmelo Anthony was “better off somewhere else.”


Sure, the numbers may not have been there.  But, that isn’t entirely Carmelo’s fault.  Sure, he may share some of the blame.  But, let’s face it.  Phil Jackson never really wanted to let go of the triangle offense.  Sure it worked with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.  But that was over 20 years ago.

Let me put that into perspective for you. Most current NBA fans weren’t even born yet!  The rules of NBA basketball have changed so much that the triangle offense may not work no matter who is coaching and who is playing.  Sure it was good back in the day.  But, everyone has moved on from it – except for Phil Jackson…and that was one of – if not his biggest – downfall with the New Yorks Knicks.

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  1. Nailed it! His obsession with the triangle and refusal to adapt to the modern game doomed this marriage from the start.

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