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Rabbi uses experience to create a new path and purpose

Rabbi Tuvia’s path

Tuvia Teldon is not just any rabbi in New York. He used a traumatic experience to help him write a book and teach everyone the lessons he learned. Thus, he helped create a new “path” for himself and others to follow.

His book, Eight Paths of Purpose, depicts the experience of losing his son and the lessons that followed.

The path leads to a book

Rabbi Tuvia’s son, Boruch, was born in 1978 with cystic fibrosis. At the age of 8-years-old, Boruch’s condition worsened. He passed away in 1991.

However, rather than sulking about losing a child, Rabbi Tuvia took his pain and turn that energy into something positive. The result is his book and website.

He asked himself, “Why do these things happen?”, and “What am I here for?” He realized there is a much larger journey to talk about purpose. As this writer discussed in a previous post, everyone is like a fingerprint.

a picture of Rabbi Tuvia surrounded by several people of different ages
Rabbi Tuvia celebrates with friends

“Everything is mapped out,” Rabbi Tuvia said. He understood that it is about “fulfilling its purpose even if we don’t know what we’re here for.”

Although he is a rabbi, he wanted to help, as he said, “make the world a better place.” Rabbi Tuvia considers it a universal concept.

The result was his book, Eight Paths of Purpose.

He discussed the first three paths:

  1. The first path, “Tests in Life”, is about the debate over choosing a purpose vs. the purpose finding us. He encourages us to “go out of our box and stretch the bungee cord.”
  2. The second path discusses procreation. While many religions have different views on the issue, Rabbi Tuvia gives a broad depiction that allows for an in-depth discussion.
  3. The third path is all about community. No matter which one we live in, it’s important to connect with everyone around us. “It makes a person feel good,” he said.

Rabbi Tuvia’s book, Eight Paths of Purpose is on Amazon and at other locations. His book and online lessons will leave you with a new sense of purpose.

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