Resume template? Try again!

Some of you may remember that I created a new resume a few months back.  I was so excited.  It looked fancy, and it had my photo on it.  I really thought it looked cool.

There was just one problem.  I forgot that fancy doesn’t work when you’re trying to get a job.  When I uploaded it to job sites, the template didn’t translate over.  Sure, some of the information was there.  But, the websites I used didn’t adopt the look of the resume I created.

The only answer was to start again – from scratch.  Yes, it was a pain-in-the-ass-neck to write it all over again.  But, in doing so, I learned some things…

  1. Stop cutting corners.  Using a template to create a resume shows that you aren’t willing to put in the time and effort needed to make your resume meaningful.
  2. When writing a resume, the content is much more important than the way it looks.  Even if you are a graphic designer, it doesn’t matter.  Save the artsy stuff for your portfolio, which should be on your website.  Make them want to see it.
  3. Some templates don’t allow you to describe what you’ve done because of the lack-of-space they provide.  Your resume is your first impression.  If a prospective employer sees your resume, they may want to click on it to see more detail.  Don’t disappoint them, and make them wish they had those 5 – 30 seconds back.  Get right to the point, and give them the detail they want about what you have done.

Remember – Your resume is the first thing a future employer will see.  So, they want to know as much about your experience as possible.  Another important note – as I eluded to in the above points – is that employers and human resource departments go through hundreds of resumes every day when they are trying to fill a position.  They are not going to give their full attention to each one.

For example, a resume that says “writer” (like mine does) won’t cut it if that’s all you’ve put on it.  You have to show the details of what you did, and (if you did it for a specific reason like internship credit) show the reason behind the work.

Resume Image

You can see how I revamped my resume by viewing the image or clicking on the “Resume” tab of my site.  It is there that you will have direct access to my email link.

You’ll also see that the resume has a much cleaner look than the templated version.  The bullet points list my experience, and you will be able to see much more detail about every position.

If you give the detail employers and human resource departments look for, future employers will definitely want to know more.  But, first, you need to whet their appetite.


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