Say hello to my Independent Publisher theme

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In the ever-continuing plan to keep my website’s theme current and changing, I started using the “Independent Publisher” theme provided by WordPress.  As a result, I noticed some things right off the bat.

In my previous theme, I had what I called “tiles” for each story that you could click on and expand the story.  While you can still click on each story, they’re right there as you scroll down.  As a result, you may see the same picture right on top of each other on previous blogs, which wasn’t the case in the previous theme.

This has forced me to re-think the way I do blogs.  So, I’ll definitely be adding more pictures, which is good because I should start doing that typing

As always, comments and constructive criticism are always welcome.  After all, this is how I share information, and I want to make it accessible for the most amount of people.

(Pictures used from Flickr)

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