#Shaggy is back with some love

Shaggy’s back in a big way with his new hit “I Need Your Love.”  Along with Mohombi, Faydee and Costi, Shaggy has returned in a big way.

I remember listening to his huge hit “It Wasn’t Me” back in 2000.  Yes, he’s had some hits here-and-there since then.  But, at the time, I lived in Miami, FL, and it seemed that he was more popular in South Florida than he was in most of the country.

He has always had a knack for bringing a great reggae feel to his music.  Whether it’s his classic “It Wasn’t Me”, “Mr. Boombastic”, or even “Angel”, you can definitely feel the island beat that he brought from where he was born – Kingston, Jamaica.

However, there’s no denying that his new hit has taken the airwaves by storm.  Even here, in South Carolina (where I now live), people are requesting it every day.  This could be a sign that people are continuing to explore different types of music.

I love how music can bring the world closer.

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