Steph Curry – The new NBA king?

Steph Curry, point guard for the Golden State Warriors had an incredible basketball season. Because of his accolades, he is right up there in the discussion of the best basketball players of all time.

Not only did Curry and his team break the record for most regular-season wins with 73. He also broke individual records. According to, he is the first player to reach 400 three-pointers in one season.


Steph Curry
Steph Curry prepares to make one of his many shots | Picture used from Wikipedia


However, he wasn’t done there.  Curry also averaged 30 points per game according to, but even that’s not all.

According to, he joined the prestigious 40-50-90 club:

  • 40 percent in three-point shooting
  • 50 percent from the field
  • 90 percent from the free-throw line

There are many basketball players – past and present – that are considered legends. Kobe Bryant, who retired on the same night, will forever be remembered as one of those legends for winning five championships with the Los Angeles Lakers.

However, in many eyes, Steph Curry is rising to the top of the league. He has quickly become an NBA player not to be messed with.

Beginning Saturday, he and the Warriors will play the Houston Rockets in the first round of the NBA playoffs – a series they are easily expected to win. In fact, many expect the Golden State Warriors to repeat as NBA Champions for the second year in a row.

If what we saw in the regular season is any indicator, those expectations should come true.  If they do – and the Warriors get their second championship – Curry may not just be the greatest shooter of all-time.  He may be on his way to being the best player.

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