Luke Perry's stroke sparks discussion

Stroke issues prevalent after actor’s death

Luke Perry's stroke sparks discussion
Luke Perry’s death from a stroke opens discussion about symptoms and care

Luke Perry’s stroke

By now, most people know about Luke Perry’s death. The 52-year-old actor who starred on “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Riverdale” died suddenly on Monday from a massive stroke.

Too young?

Most people thought that Perry was too young to die. However, as NBC News’ Dr. John Torres explains, a stroke can happen at any age.

“30 percent…are under the age of 65,” he said. “10 percent are under the age of 45.”

As you can see, strokes don’t just happen to older generations.

Traumatic brain injury – CTE

As this writer previously discussed, the brain can be affected in many ways. NFL players know how CTE can injure the brain. Doing so can have long-lasting effects. Thus, it’s important to understand the importance of protecting it.


As CNN’s Christina Maxouris reports, an acronym can help you catch some symptoms:

Face – Is it drooping?
Arms – Can you lift them over your head?
Speech – Is it slurred?
Time – If someone has any symptom, it’s time to call 911!
According to the report, there are manageable ways to prevent an oncoming stroke.
“Smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, obesity and other cardiovascular diseases put people at greater risk for stroke, the heart association said. Avoiding diets with high calories, lots of saturated fat, trans fat and sodium can reduce the risk, as can getting 150 minutes of activity each week, the association said.”

Live a stroke-free life

Thinking about the possibility of getting one is certainly scary. However, proper diet and care will improve your health. Eating the right foods and getting the proper exercise will help you live a longer life.

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