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Super Bowl and Mental Health: A Perfect Match

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It’s Super Bowl Time

Today, most people are getting ready to watch Super Bowl LIII (or 53). The New England Patriots are all set to face the Los Angeles Rams, and most people are predicting a close game.

Watching The Super Bowl

Tonight, there will also be many watch parties. Whether you’re watching in a local bar or at home, lots of people will be getting together with friends and family to watch the game.

Mental Health?

Sure, there have been several discussions on how NFL games can affect you physically, and I’ve also written about CTE. However, getting together to watch the game is a great way to improve your mental health. We all know that certain things make us happy. However, the big game is one of the biggest events of the year, and many of us look forward to it.

Sure, we will be eating a lot of bad food. However, we’ll be able to work it off at the gym or by going for a jog later in the week. The camaraderie that the game gives us will help us start off another week on a great note, which will help us set the tone for our mental health for the rest of the week.

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