Super Tuesday proves super for Trump and Clinton


Super Tuesday
Candidates competed for delegates from several states on Super Tuesday (Picture used from Flickr)


Last night’s Super Tuesday results proved very favorable for Donald Trump on the Republican side, and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side.

As The Washington Post reports, Hillary Clinton won seven states and Bernie Sanders won four.  The results have given Clinton a huge lead with 1,001 delegates vs. 371 for Sanders.

The Republican side is more spread out since there are still five candidates still running.  However, it has become clear that Donald Trump has pulled ahead of the crowd with a total of 316 delegates vs. his closest competitor, Ted Cruz, with 226.

Last night gave a big indication where most of the country is leading.  While “the fat lady hasn’t sung yet,” the picture is becoming clearer.  As of last night, Trump and Clinton look like the clear candidates for their respective parties.

However, many more elections are coming.  With almost 20 states speaking their voices in the next two weeks, things may change in a hurry.

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