The #evolution of #music – #Madonna to #Maroon5 and #TaylorSwift and points in between

Some of my friends have recently said they don’t like the newer music from artists that have been out for a while.  Sure, certain popular artists have been around for a long time.  There’s Beyonce.  But, there are also artists like Ludacris and Pitbull.

Every single one of these artists have changed their sound.  But there are a couple of reasons.

  1. Artists like playing around with new sounds.  They want to sound fresh.  Think about it.  When they do concerts, they often perform the same songs differently.  I remember going to a Train concert a few years back, and some of the songs sounded the same.  But, many didn’t – or they had an interesting intro.  Train has also changed their sound over the years.  Some of it I like and some I don’t.
  2. Artists change their music to fit the current audience.  They realize that new times bring new sounds and interests.  True, some fans prefer the classic sound. I happen to be one of them.  But, I’ve realized that many of the older sounds are not considered classics.  They are considered stale.  Not everyone is into the same thing that was popular 20 or 30 years ago. It’s like listening to your parents music.  Eww!  Who wants to do that?  Right?  It’s the same thing with artists.  They realize they have to change their sound in order to fit in with the new groups of fans and artists.

So, rather than getting upset that your favorite group or artist is changing their sound, embrace it.  They may still perform their classics.  But, you have to remember – they’re playing for a newer crowd that wants something totally different than what you did.

It’s like they say – you can either move forward or get left behind.  I think I know which way the music is headed.

Join me.  Won’t you?

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