The head ball coach retires — Oh wait. No he didn’t.

Last night, University of South Carolina Football Coach Steve Spurrier made the announcement that he was leaving.  All the news reports said that he was retiring.

However, as his news conference — shown on many news sites such as WYFF in Greenville, SC — proved, Coach Spurrier specifically said that he “did not retire.”  He was resigning.

One of the reasons he said he was leaving was that he felt he was no longer the right man for the job as he once was 11 years ago.  He said the team recently slid, which — to his credit — is true.

This season the team has had several losses.  According to, the team is 2 – 4, and they are only halfway through the season.

Some may criticize the “head ball coach”, as he is often called, for quitting on the team and not finishing out the season with them.

Until I saw the news conference, I agreed with that line of thinking because I thought he should have ridden out the season with the team.

However, I now agree with the coach.

If he genuinely thought he was a detriment to the team, then yes. I agree.  He should leave.  I’m not saying the Gamecocks will definitely be highly ranked by the end of the season.  However, I do know this.  If I was on a team, and my coach didn’t feel he could bring us more championships, I would want to move on, as well.

Some of you may disagree.  Some of you may think that leaving now isn’t the right thing to do and he’s wrong for leaving, and I’m wrong for agreeing with him.  It is your right to think that, but let’s agree to disagree.  I won’t try to change your mind, and you will surely fail at trying to change mine.

Coach Spurrier has had a remarkable career so far.  I say, “so far” because — as I said — he resigned. He did not retire.  As some have already said, he doesn’t need to apologize to anyone for leaving the way he did.  I agree with that line of thinking, and I feel sorry for no one.

While he may be done as head ball coach at the University of South Carolina, this leaves the door open to other possibilities, which he eluded to as well.

I’m not going to sit here and speculate about what opportunities lie ahead for him — if any.  But, one thing is for sure. He was adamant about saying he resigned and did not retire, and people should get that straight.

If you think he’s done, you’re just assuming so.  And, we all know what happens when you assume.

Coach Steve Spurrier - Photo from his bio page on
Coach Steve Spurrier – Photo from his bio page on

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