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The Holidays bring new perspectives

For those that don’t know, I recently moved to South Florida. I am now a Communications Specialist for a non-profit agency. I enjoy the job. However, I was quickly reminded about the extreme difference in the cost of living between South Florida and South Carolina.

I’m writing this from my family’s house in South Carolina – and I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying the quiet. It’s given me a whole new perspective on the difference between the two areas.

This year (2018) brought a lot of changes my way. While we all learned about the #MeToo movement and the multiple news stories about politics and gun control, it also helped me take a look at my own life in a very personal way.

I am now in my mid-40s, and I am no longer the same person I was – even just a couple of years ago. While I used to love going out and painting the town red, I have recently started enjoying other things more than I ever have.┬áSpecifically, I enjoy deep conversations, talking about the “real” stuff, and less about things that – in the end – don’t really matter.

I am now more focused on the things that do matter. Sure, there are things that I’d like to accomplish. However, being able to afford those things has come into focus now more than ever.

I never used to think about the practicality of life – even if some people tried to drill it into my head. But, things happened over this year that made me refocus my thoughts.

The loss of an old friend to cancer really hit me hard. It forced me to look at my own mortality. Of course, as I said, living in a new area (and learning about the different cost of living) made me take notice of things I – honestly – took for granted in the past. Either that or I just didn’t comprehend the minute details that it entailed.

While one could say, “better late than never”, the fact is I do understand it now.

I’ve made mistakes in the past about a lot of things. But, it’s time for me to start “growing up.” I will always be Peter Pan in my heart. But, it’s time for me to really focus on the important things in life.

In 2019, I’ll continue to be more practical. But, I will also remember to value the true friendships I have. Who knows, maybe I’ll start dating again. (Imagine that.) But, one thing is for sure. Human interaction and being practical are things I do need to work on. For me, those things will definitely help my mental health.

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