The importance of being…mobile?

Everyone loves going on the internet.  We research for school and work. We communicate with friends and family through social media. We also shop online.

However, in 2016, most of us are doing so on our phones and tablets.  The days of using our laptops are dwindling.

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As a result, companies are revamping and creating their website to become mobile-friendly.  They have realized that people are becoming more mobile – both physically and technologically.

In fact, since 2015, Google has revamped their search engine to push mobile-friendly results to the top of any search.  In doing so, all mobile-friendly websites will be listed first.

The change may sound simplistic, but it was a sign that Google realized that people are using their mobile devices more.

It’s true!

Businesses – large and small – need to realize that people are using their phones to search for items in all categories.  If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your business will not come up high in the search.  Let’s face it.  In 2016, that means your business will lose out on customers.

Businesses need to understand that people from all walks of life are using mobile devices for several reasons.  So, it is not just some businesses that need to make the change.  All businesses – including your average Mom-and-Pop store – need to alter their sites.

One aspect of this way of thinking is from the business standpoint.  Several professionals have become people who need to do things on-the-fly.  A journalist gets a hot tip about a story and needs to look up information immediately.  Even real estate agents need to look up information when they get a call from a client.  If they don’t have the information readily available, they’ll lose out on a sale.

Even students are doing this more often.  Instead of going to the library, they are using Google and e-readers like the Nook to get their research done.

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However, as many of us know, people aren’t just using their mobile devices for work.  They are communicating through social media.  In fact, there are now social media apps such as Snapchat that are specifically geared toward the mobile user.  In order to record a 10-second video, you must do it from your phone.

That’s not all!

Even newspapers have realized the importance of mobile devices.  Not only do newspapers offer digital subscriptions.  Some of them have cut down on their hardcopy production or gone exclusively digital.  In doing so, they have helped the environment by becoming more sustainable.

Shoppers are using online websites to do their shopping.  Aside from your traditional store’s websites, people are flocking to sites such as Amazon and eBay in order to get quick deals that you can’t find in any brick and mortar store.

There are also websites like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal that make fitness training easier.  All you have to do is wear a device and connect it to your phone and voila!  You instantly know how many calories you burned, the number of steps you’ve taken and – in some cases – your heart rate.  It has become so easy to track your health with a mobile device.

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But, if you are a business who is struggling to figure out how to become more mobile, don’t worry!  Google has created a web page that gives you step-by-step instructions to help you in the process.  It discusses quick download speed, ease of task completion and making sure that your website can be accessed on any device.  You can also do this with content management systems such as WordPress.

After all, different phones access websites in different ways.  They are not a one-size-fits-all for the website designer.  Therefore, you have to make it flexible for the user.

Following all this advice may be cumbersome at first, but it’s worth it.  Your new website will go straight to the top of your customers’ search and they will be able to use your site to get what they want with ease.  With any luck, they’ll refer friends and family to your new great website, and you’ll benefit in more ways than one.

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