The New Hampshire Primary results are in – and the story is forming

The results from the New Hampshire primary are in – and they foreshadow what could be an interesting election in November.  Of course, things could change between now and then.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders – the man deemed a socialist democrat – beat Hillary Clinton, who seemed to be a favorite with many.  O’Malley was a distant third.  The fact that he received anything at all is interesting because he was perceived to have recently dropped out.


Bernie Sanders won in the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire


On the Republican side, Donald Trump beat John R. Kasich.  Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz followed.


Donald Trump won in the Republican Primary in New Hampshire


While there is still plenty of time between now and November, the Democratic side seems to be taking shape.  After all, only Sanders and Clinton remain.  However, the picture is more blurry on the Republican side since several candidates still remain.  These fact do show some thoughts:

  1. The Republican candidates aren’t giving up despite some not having high numbers.
  2. Republicans are more mixed on who they want to vote for (since there is a wider spread of votes on their side).
  3. The Democrats have decided on either Clinton or Sanders – and all other candidates have realized that.

The events between now and November – and any answers given by candidates – will surely improve or decrease any candidate’s popularity.  But it’s interesting to see what has all ready happened as a result of tonight’s results.

(Pictures used from YouTube)

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