The LGBT community wants to remind you of something

Last week, a federal judge struck down the ban on same-sex marriage in South Carolina. It was the last state in the 4th District to change.  Of course, SC Attorney General Wilson immediately filed an appeal trying to get the ban to stay.

There’s just one problem for him.  Doesn’t he realize that the appeal is going to the 4th District, which already lifted the ban?

I realize that South Carolina, and many of its citizens, want the state’s laws to remain the same and they don’t like change – on many issues, not just this one.  But, this is 2014 – not the 50s or earlier.

Let’s get real.  Interracial marriages are legal, women can vote and so can people from a wide range of nationalities.  So, I have to ask.  Why is this a problem?

People who say that it’s against God’s law need to remember three things:

  1. We are governed by the Constitution – not the Bible.
  2. There are many people of many faiths who use something other than the Bible as their Holy Book.
  3. Even in the Bible it says that adultery is a sin, which many commit on a daily basis without batting an eye or judging others for.

So, let me ask the question again.  What’s the problem?

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