The year is half over – How are your goals going?

Welcome to the second half of 2017!

Wow!  The second half?  Has the year flown by that fast?

Yes – it has!

So, think back to New Year’s Day.  You remember – those goals and resolutions that you wanted to achieve.  Whether it was weight loss, working towards a college degree, or getting a job.


Are you taking the right steps to reach your weight loss goals?

How are those goals going?  Have you achieved them already?  Are you on your way to achieving them?

If you are, then I congratulate you.  It’s a huge step in moving forward.

If not, why not?  What’s stopping you from achieving those goals?

Are you afraid of what might happen once you achieve them?  I know I’ve been afraid sometimes.

Are you having trouble getting motivated?  Boy, let me tell you!  Motivation can sometimes disappear.

But, that’s the point.  What motivated you to achieve your goals in the first place?  Did you want to lose that weight?  Did you want to educate yourself more?  Did you want a better job?


Are you getting ready for graduation?

The point is this – Don’t give up!

Sure, things may be going slow.  You may not be happy with your progress.

But, stop looking at the small details.  As Richard and Kristine Carlson said in their book, “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – and It’s All Small Stuff”.  Great book, by the way!  It’ll help you relax and re-focus

But, I digress.  You have to look at “the big picture”.

So what if you have only lost 3 pounds on your way to 50?  You lost 3 pounds?  Keep going.  Find the time to go to the gym or start jogging.  My Dad lost 70 pounds.  You can lose the 50.

So what if you haven’t found the right class – or you’re not doing as well as you would like in school?  Talk to professors.  Talk to academic counselors.  Talk to anyone at your local college that can help you.  That’s what they’re there for.

Are you looking for your dream job every day?


So what if you haven’t found that dream job yet?  Heaven knows I’m still looking.  I have a master of mass communication, and I’m still looking for the dream job in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, FL.  But, I haven’t given up on it.  I’m still looking, and pumping out my resume – EVERY DAY!  I take at least an hour – sometimes much longer – to look at jobs on CareerBuilder, Monster, Journalism Jobs, ZipRecruiter, and many others.

The job market is still fierce because everyone is vying for the same job you want.  You have to be vigilant, do the research, and apply to several jobs every day – and if you think you can take weekends off, you’re fooling yourself.  Keep pushing EVERY DAY – Yes, even holidays, like the 4th of July.

Here’s the main point – Stop sitting there wishing and praying that your goals will be achieved magically.  They won’t!  It just doesn’t happen like that.  You have to jump through the hoops, jump over the hurdles, and take some detours on the way to the Finish Line.  No, it’s not easy.

With any of your goals, you have to decide.  What’s more important?  Achieving those goals – or staying comfortable?

I think you already know the answer.

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