Today is a great day! Keep yourself #motivated

I got up feeling refreshed and ready to CONQUER the day!  Yes, it’s Monday.  But, as I always tell people, “any day you wake up is a good one.”  I never listen to people who have the Monday blahs.  Every day is what you make it!

Today, I got out of bed feeling good.  I went to the gym and had a great workout – and, yes, I still feel it so you know it was a good one.  I came home, had a great breakfast – cereal, a banana and yogurt – and went two full hours hunting for jobs.

By the end of the day, I will have a profile on the Tribune, McClatchy and Gannett websites.  For those that don’t know, they are three huge media companies that own several of the newspapers and news stations across the United States.

Here’s my point:

I know it’s Monday – but, I don’t care.  If you want to reach your goal, you have to forget about the Monday blahs and any other thing that isn’t going your way.  Sure, you may have a headache, a bad day or something else.  That doesn’t matter.

You have to keep yourself motivated!

If you want that goal, you have to realize that it won’t come to you.  You have to work for it – and, sometimes, you’ll have to work extra hard!

Go get that goal!

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