Where are you looking for jobs? Don’t just look locally

It occurred to me, last night, that it’s been almost three months since I graduated with a master in mass communication, and I’m still looking for a steady position.  But, then, I also realized how calm I felt.

Sure, some of you read that and think I’m absolutely nuts.  “He’s out of his mind,” you’re saying.

No, I’m not.  Here’s why:

I realize that the job market has improved.  But that also means that more people are looking for jobs – and they’re not just looking locally.

Here’s my point:

You have to be willing to relocate!  Sure, there may be a job in your local town.  But, in 2015, that may not always be the case.

I’ve often talked about goals and needing to do what’s necessary to reach that goal.  But, sometimes, you may have to leave that place you’re so comfortable with.  You may still live in the town your grew up in, which is fine.  But, is that helping you to reach your goal?

If you’re residence is in Montana, but you want to live by the beach in a warm climate, you will probably have to move to a place like Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Yes, that’s a simplistic example, but I digress.

When looking for that job, you have to be willing to move to another town – and, yes, you may have to get used to an entirely different culture.  Yes, it will be uncomfortable.

But, are you really going to let your discomfort stop you from getting that job?  I wouldn’t advise it.

You have to assess what your goals are, and what you are willing to do to achieve those goals.

What are your goals worth to you?

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