Why I voted in this year’s South Carolina primary


I’ll be the first to admit it.  This is the first primary in which I voted.

In past elections, many of the candidates seemed to have similar views and ideologies.  The Democrats thought one way, and the Republicans thought another.  So, in my opinion at the time, I thought it didn’t matter who won the primary because the nominated candidate for that side would represent many of the of the other candidates’ views.

However, 2016 seems different.

Yes, I’ll admit I voted in the Democratic primary, but I’m keeping whom I voted for private.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders seem to agree on many issues.  But, there are some on which they differ greatly.  It is because of their differences that I took a closer look than I usually do at this point in an election year.

As many know, Clinton beat Sanders quite soundly due in part to the African-American vote, according to Greenville’s WYFF.

My experience in the process has taught me a lot.  It taught me that the process of voting for your chosen candidate should start much earlier.

Some people start their decision-making process in the election just a few months before, and they don’t pay much attention – if any – to what the candidates are saying.

That used to be me – but, no more.

I now realize that the little differences matter. One little difference can change the country.   But, it’s what you do with it that matters even more.

You can think one way and just sit there, or you can get out there and make a difference.

This is what I chose to do.  I wanted to make a difference.

Sure I am only one person.  But, so was Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.  I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point.

The little things really do matter.

If you have the chance to vote, take it!  If not, you really can’t complain if your candidate didn’t get nominated.  After all, what did you do to help him or her to get into office?

Go out there and make a difference!

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