You need #social #media to create your #brand

After recently graduating from the University of South Carolina, I am now able to assist with people’s – and companies’ – social media.

It is amazing how much the internet game has changed.  With the advent of #Facebook, #Twitter, #Instagram, #Google+ and other social media platforms, it is now VITAL – not just optional – to create pages for ALL of them!  If you don’t represent yourself on one of those pages, you’re missing an entire population of people.

Here’s why.

Some people mainly use Instagram because they are visual.  Some use Twitter because they look to make their point in “short but sweet” posts.  Some use Facebook to socialize.  You need to take that into consideration in order to reach the most amount of people.

Sure, I get that you want to focus on one particular group.  Go ahead and do that.  But, please realize that those same people you are trying to reach probably use multiple social media platforms.  But, their friends and family only use one or the other.  If you want to reach all of them, you need to create a page on EVERY social media site available.

Remember – word-of-mouth was fine back in the day.  But, social media is the 2015 version of word-of-mouth.  It’s just like talking to several different people – only you’re using sites to do the same job.  If you neglect one of these sites, you’re missing out on an entire group.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get out there and create those pages, now!

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